Glands, Heatshrinkable Stainless Steel Adaptor

Type CES Heatshrink body fitted with stainless steel adapter designed to fit selected railway equipment.

Glands, Heatshrinkable Stainless Steel Adaptor

This range incorporates a stainless steel threaded adapter, locknuts & washers with standard CES heatshrinkable cable glands.

The stainless steel adapters are designed to be suitable for a wide range of railway equipment, with screwed or unscrewed cable entry holes.

P.A.D.S. Ref. No. Graybar Part No. Application Max Cable Dia. Max Gland Inside Dia. Thread Length Thread Type
054/037051 GBK2020 Post Mounted Telephones Etc. 14mm 14.5mm 15mm 20mm conduit
054/037056 GBK2021 Post Mounted Telephones Etc. 14mm 14.5mm 10mm M18
054/001002 GBK2022 Westinghouse Impedance Bonds Etc. 15mm 16mm 20mm ½” BSP
054/037055 GBK2023 Adtranz Ground Signals 27mm 28mm 15mm 1” BSP
054/037057 GBK2024 Westinghouse ‘63’ Point Machine 20mm 21mm 15mm ¾” BSP
054/001003 GBK2025 Alstom Type Signals 24mm 25mm 20mm 38mm conduit
054/037059 GBK2026 Alstom ‘2000’ Type Point Machine 24mm 25mm 20mm 32mm conduit
054/037050 GBK2027 Post Telephones & Others 14mm 14.5mm 15mm 20mm conduit
054/001004 GBK2028 Track Auto Warning System 24mm 25mm 10mm 32mm conduit
054/001001 GBK2029 Type 3 Impedance Bond 13mm 13.4mm 20mm M18
054/037058 GBK2030 Impedance Bonds / AWS Inductor 18mm 19mm 20mm 25mm conduit
054/001005 GBK2031 Wheel Counter (F.R.E.D.) Etc. 14mm 14.5mm 12mm 20mm conduit
054/037067 GBK2032 AWS Etc. & Ext. Thread Fixing 14mm 14.5mm 35mm 20mm conduit
054/037068 GBK2033 Detector Box / Switch Etc. 18mm 19mm 25mm 25mm conduit
~ GBK1407 Clamplock Small Hole 26mm 27mm 25mm M30
055/021066 GBK1409 Clamplock Large Hole 28mm 29mm 6+5mm shoulder M32
~ GBK1173 DLR Point Detection Box 25mm 26mm 15mm M32