Glands, Heatshrinkable Cable Entry

Standard heatshrinkable cable entry support and sealing gland fitted with range taking heavy duty, sealant lined heatshrinkable collar, ‘O’ ring, and male nylon bush.

Glands, Heatshrinkable Cable Entry

GrayBar heat shrinkable cable glands, type CES, are designed to ensure robust cable support and seal against moisture ingress for the majority of unarmoured railway cables.

The glands provide a flame retardant adhesive lined body and high-density nylon insert with a male nylon bush and neoprene ‘O’ ring. The high shrink ratio heat-shrinkable collar enables suitability for a wide range of cable diameters.

P.A.D.S. Ref. No. Graybar Part No. Description Cable Range Max. Plate Thickness Entry Hole Dia
054/109179 CES 1 Heatshrinkable Cable Entry Gland 3mm to 12mm 6mm 25.5mm (1”)
054/109175 CES 2 Heatshrinkable Cable Entry Gland 6mm to 17mm 6mm 25.5mm (1”)
054/109176 CES 3 Heatshrinkable Cable Entry Gland 12mm to 28mm 8mm 35mm (1.4”)
054/109164 CES 4 Heatshrinkable Cable Entry Gland 19mm to 40mm 10mm 51mm (2”)
054/109181 CES 5 Heatshrinkable Cable Entry Gland 36mm to 65mm 18mm 88mm (3.5”)