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Dear Valued Customer The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on all our minds and at the forefront of the news-it goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone that have so far been affected by this global outbreak.

Our priority is to ensure our staff stay safe and healthy and we know how important it is to keep business and production lines running day to day so we will keep doing everything in our power to ensure our service does not fall short of what you have come to expect. We are also working closely with our logistics partner, Parcelforce, to ensure there is as little disruption to deliveries as possible, as well as receiving constant updates from our suppliers to ensure that we can keep our warehouse stocked with the essential parts you may require. As a company we will be liaising daily to ensure that all best practices and government advice is being followed.

If you have any queries please contact us at but for now it is business as usual at GrayBar and most of all we wish everyone to stay happy and healthy. Best wishes, Graeme Ford - Managing Director

Points Heating, Signalling Distribution & Accessories



Railway Point Heating

Graybar is a UK based specialist manufacturer of products for the rail industry, with an impressive portfolio of products that have received PAD's approval from Network Rail.

We have collaborated very closely with Network Rail and leading Contractors to be the only UK supplier of Self Regulating Points Heating Systems, coupled with cutting edge Signalling Distribution Systems and the largest range of Rail Approved Cable Accessories in the industry for use on UK, Irish and European rail, Underground and Tramway infrastructures.

Graybar have successfully designed and manufactured many innovative products to support both Network Rail and TFL in their pursuit of working towards a safer and cost effective Rail Network.

Points & Heating

Ireland Drogherda

Our Self Regulating Points Heating Systems and Conductor rail heating systems boasts all control Gear and Transformers in one cubicle, reducing both cost and installation time, and is fully approved by Network Rail and London Underground.

Graybar manufacture a full range of heating systems for AC, DC and third rail applications, along with junction boxes and all types of heater strips.

GRP Distribution Systems

Graybar Wave Rail

Specialising in GRP Cable management products, we offer high integrity lightweight distribution Systems.

These include enclosures, integrated plinths with full cable management, posts and wall mounting solutions.

10 Year Product & System Warranty

Control Cubicle

Graybar's Self-Regulating Heaters have a 40 year service life.

It is for this reason that we include a 10 year product and system Warranty on our Self-Regulating Heaters.

PAD's Approved

PADs approved products from Graybar include:

Cable Accessories
  • Full Points Heating Systems
  • GRP Dis Boxes, Pedestals and Cable Management Systems
  • Cable Accessories, including Power, Signalling and Axle Counter Joint Kits
  • Track Kits
  • Identification
  • Full range of heat shrink, Brass and Compression Glands

We can offer a full in-house engineering, design and Commissioning package, when it comes to choosing your Points Heating or GRP Dis Box requirements. Graybar can also compliment this by offering specialist components and consumables, making it easy to buy everything from one source.

Also specialising in the manufacture of Restricted Access safety products and offering one of the largest range of GRP Enclosure systems in the UK for this and may other Applications, along with bespoke engineering products such as Signal Posts, and Identification products.

Latest News

Graybar Achieves Network Rail Product Approval For Their High Spec GRP IP66 Enclosure Systems!
Graybar are delighted to announce that their range of IP66 GRP Enclosures, Plinths and Accessories have been given Full Network Rail Approval (PA05/07019 and PA0506356).

We are able to offer an extensive range of Dis Boxes for Signals, Points, Axle Counters and many more applications.

Following extensive trials, along with major installations on Liverpool Lime Street, Weaver to Wavertree, Birmingham New Street and London Underground to name but a few, our range is now firmly established on the UK's rail Infrastructure.

We offer enclosures with high security locking systems (no additional keys required), high capacity capability for both terminals and glands, along with a wide range of GRP Mounting systems to suit every need.

For more information please contact Neal Wright - or view our online catalogue for further details.
Graybar Achieves Network Rail Product Approval For Their High Spec GRP IP66 Enclosure Systems!
Graybar Achieves Network Rail Product Approval For Their High Spec GRP IP66 Enclosure Systems!